Sandy Troudt
Art from Northern Canada

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Saw your work in this issue of Southwest Art. I checked out your page and I love your style. I do scratchboard work, I am not a painter. I love your fall pictures.
Danna Fruetel - 21 Jul 2017
Visiting Norma and she showed your work. Wonderful.
Diane Taggart - 27 Feb 2016
Hi Sandy! Your paintings are a beautiful expression of the North. I lived up in Peace River and High Level, Alberta for many years and your work really captures the essence & colours of life up there. Now when I need a "northern" fix, I'll visit your website. Happy painting! :)
Christine Smith - 5 Sep 2014
Mrs. Troudt, your work is simply beautiful and amazing. A true reflection of who you are. I am so happy I came across your site and stumbled across your interview on Vimeo. Seeing your face and hearing your voice after all of these years made my day :)
Pia Cimini - 20 Apr 2014
So beautiful! Great to see your artwork! We hope you'll come north for a visit one day!
Susan Willsrud - 15 Dec 2013
Just saw your website address on the back of one of your cards. So glad I checked it out. Your work is amazing. I love what you do with color!!
Shelley Nickel - 8 Dec 2013
Wow, Sandy, Last I knew you were doing willow furniture, I had no idea you were so artistic and talented in so many different media. So glad to find your web site.
Bobbie Johnson - 15 Sep 2013
Wow! Need I say more?
Ann McColl - 13 Sep 2013
Your website is so awesome! Your work is exceptional and beautiful. Each painting is so full of color and simplicity, and I enjoyed looking at each one of them. I immediately recognized Den's portrait and it gave me a smile! He is still the good looking guy I remember 50 years ago, and age has only made him look better! Good luck to you!
Susie Messick - 24 Jul 2013
Gorgeous website, Sandy!
Diane Culling - 21 Mar 2013
So excited to see your Website, Sandy. Although I prefer to see your work first hand, this is a wonderful way to share. My new favourite is "Boats for Rent".
Jeanne Eyre - 19 Mar 2013
Beautiful work Sandy. You really enjoy what you do and your work reflects this.
Donna Fok - 17 Mar 2013
I am so impressed. There is so much I need to learn. This is a great website. Can't wait to see more. Love the colors and subject matter. Especially Den :) The prints are awesome. I sent this on to Paige and John Troudt.
Norma Betz - 16 Mar 2013
I love the liveliness of your work. The style captures the beauty of your subjects in a unique and refreshing way that is a pleasure. Vivid color and abstract strokes announce a riot of life and exuberance. This website is so much fun.
Kay Morison - 15 Mar 2013
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